The long-awaited opportunity to save has come!
Black Friday on ZLATA lasts from Friday November 29 to Sunday December 1
40% discount on any product!

November 21. Congratulations to the citizens of Ukraine on the Day of Dignity and Freedom! 50% discount.

November 20 is World Children's Day. Humanity is bound to give the child the best. ZLATA adheres to this slogan and offers a 50% discount on products for baby.

On November 15, the Secondary Raw Materials Day, it is worth mentioning that the scrap of precious metals is also a secondary raw material. Therefore, we suggest to exchange it for modern, high-quality Ukrainian jewelry in ZLATA stores with a 40% discount on jewelry prices.

The 13th of November. International Day of the Blind. World Kindness Day. "ZLATA" remembers about kindness and participation. 50% off

November 6 is International Day for the Remembrance of Animals Died at the hands of humans. Today we accept orders for the manufacture of any product according to your sketch, but with the image of an animal. 50% discount.